Steve Craney

Steve Craney – President

Curiosity is a vital necessity to move forward in our business, without curiosity stagnation occurs. I feel that I personally take connectedness most to heart because in my position if we cannot connect with our team, vendors, and customers we have a disruption in our business.

I feel the culture at RiverStar, Inc. is based on ethics, treating every participant fairly, and respect for all. Some of my fondest memories here include exceeding expectations by meeting goals that some customers thought we could not meet.

I love the isolation of fishing in northern Ontario.

Mark Patterson

Mark Patterson – General Manager

I believe that our core values of curiosity, connectedness, and consultancy are inter-connected, and if we do any of them very well, we will do all of them very well. I especially can relate to our value of connectedness with our employees through the delegation process we follow, allowing them to grow in their jobs. Seeing what we have done and accomplished over the past (20) years plus makes me extremely proud and grateful for all of our employees.

I would describe our culture at RiverStar, Inc. as one with lots of energy and interaction, following a proven process which works, and obtaining repetitive results. Everyone is involved and knows who to go to for what.

Some of my fondest memories at RiverStar, Inc. have always been the Christmas parties, the picnics, and the appreciation dinners when I’m able to see employees’ families and interact with them on a more social basis.

Kevin McConville

Kevin McConville – Business Development

I started working at RiverStar, Inc. as a test operator, then worked my way to an engineer. From there, I worked as a production manager for a division of RiverStar and then as the production manager for RiverStar, Inc., and ultimately made it to business development. Although my hands have moved away from fixing things, my mind hasn’t. When Mark hired me, I told him there’s probably nothing I can’t fix, and I don’t think I’ve let him down yet.

Until recently we didn’t really have a proper way to describe ourselves and curiosity, connectedness and consultancy really nail it. I feel in particular that insatiable curiosity is most fitting for myself. From the time I tore apart my first tape recorder as a child to see how it worked, my skills in understanding how things operate have been honed over the years.

I’m an avid outdoorsperson and I really enjoy spending time on the Mississippi River. This love started when I began driving boat at six years old doing research for St. Mary’s University. I never lost my love for the river and I now enjoy sharing the love for the river with my family today. As a nametag worn with pride, I’m a river rat.

Melissa Hamsund

Melissa Hamsund – Quality Management Systems Administrator

I see the connectedness that RiverStar, Inc. has with our customers through our constant daily communication and interaction. The personal side of RiverStar is also quite special. We celebrate birthdays, have family picnics and employee dinners – events that make us as a company, more connected.

As a company we communicate well with our customers, work with them try to find them the best solutions and constantly look for ways to improve efficiencies.

I enjoy being active in my free time, running, walking, baking, or chasing my kids’ many activities with sports and music endeavors.

Matt Cyert

Matt Cyert – Quality and Production Manager

Consultancy is pervasive in our organization and everyone takes pride in the fact that they can be a part of our products through consultancy internally and with our clients.

I feel that we are always trying to figure out how things work, and work better. We are constantly poking, digging, and prodding to find a solution that works best for our customers. I attribute my curiosity of wanting to know how things work and finding that best solution to my engineering roots.

When I am not at work I like to be outdoors and active.  Some of my passions include fat tire biking and gardening.

Mari Thompson

Mari Thompson – Fiscal and Supply Chain Manager

At RiverStar, Inc., we have a strong team focused on consistently meeting and exceeding customer needs, with a dedicated crew of people to make sure it gets done. Everyone is committed to our values and we are a fine oiled machine with the customer as our number one priority.

I’m a very driven person, and I love our brainstorming sessions. Working together sharing thoughts and ideas builds momentum, and we come up with great solutions. It’s very fulfilling to be involved with such an extraordinary team of people. Our connectedness with both our customers and our supply chain is a key element to our success.

I love cooking, entertaining, and experimenting with new recipes. I will sometimes have my coworkers be my guinea pigs – I mean taste testers.

Aaron Breitenfeldt

Aaron Breitenfeldt – Director of Marketing and Sales

I graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management from Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI. I joined the RiverStar team in 2017 and was extremely impressed by the company culture and the incredible things they do here. I really got the sense that they cared about their employees as much as they do their customers.

RiverStar is perfectly built to take on burdensome manufacturing processes like time consuming parts-management, product assembly or repair, and create a successful program for their partners. From complete product assembly, eCommerce fulfillment, to just-in-time delivery of sub-assemblies to factory lines RiverStar can improve your bottom line.

Outside of RiverStar I love fitness, spending time at the lake house with my family, and home brewing.