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Contract Manufacturing Company

Since its inception as a contract manufacturing company, RiverStar’s capabilities and customer base have grown in many directions, but all with the same focus of supporting global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

From services like producing line-ready subassemblies, repair of service parts & testing of qualification parts, to kitting, packaging, and distribution. Our focus remains the same….support the Original Equipment Manufacturer as a profitable extension of their business by helping to eliminate the need for additional overhead, assets and a larger in-house footprint.

RiverStar Incorporated is perfectly built to take on burdensome manufacturing processes like time consuming parts-management & product assembly/repair, and can fully support multi-faceted, successful programs for its partners. Complete product assembly, eCommerce fulfillment, and just-in-time delivery of sub-assemblies to customers’ factory lines, are additional cost effective solutions that RiverStar can provide as your contract manufacturing partner.

About Us

RiverStar’s history begins in 1984, when three visionary engineers founded our sister company, RiverSide Electronics. In the beginning, the partners were conducting contract manufacturing of electromechanical assemblies in a partner’s home. By 1988, having experienced substantial growth, RiverSide employed over 200 employees, and was soon recognized by Business Week magazine as one of the 25 fastest growing high tech companies in the United States.

With the increase in customer base, requests for packaging, kitting and distribution started rolling in. As many manufacturers understand, these tasks don’t easily fit within true manufacturing. In 1995, founder Stephen H. Craney founded RiverStar Inc., with the focus on providing assembly, packaging, kitting, testing, and distribution services for OEM companies.

“Our capabilities will expand your reach into any channel you are going after”

About RiverStar

Our Capabilities

RiverStar, Inc is a contract manufacturing company which specializes in kitting, assembly and supply chain management for its partners.

RiverStar can manage everything from sourcing and procurement of materials to inbound and outbound logistics, to production, warranty and maintenance/repair operations. By eliminating traditional business expenditures like warehousing and production staffing, associating with RiverStar allows our customers to focus their precious time and monetary resources on developing their product and growing their business.

We offer kitting and assembly services on everything from simple repackaging to complex projects. The RiverStar contract manufacturing team will work with you down to the final detail to ensure your project goes as planned, partnering with us allows you to free up cash-flow not having to invest capital into machinery, facilities, maintenance, training, benefits and extra personnel. Our partnership integration ranges based on the needs of our customers, whether it’s electronic and electromechanical repair, refurbishment and warranty services for products no matter what stage in the product life cycle it is in or if we become your fulfillment and distribution partner with expertise in ecommerce, direct-to-consumer, and retail.