What is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing enables companies to outsource production and assembly of products to a third party. RiverStar is an experienced contract manufacturer, providing solutions that include building sub-assemblies that are delivered to factories across the world to building products start-to-finish.

RiverStar is your one-source partner—we can handle part sourcing and provide inventory management from fulfillment and distribution.

We understand that outsourcing your manufacturing is a big decision. When weighing whether to make products internally or outsource, RiverStar is here to provide you a cost savings and reliability you can trust, allowing you focus on growing your business.

Consider this…

Contracting your manufacturing to RiverStar allows you to free up cash flow because you don’t need to invest capital in machinery, facilities, maintenance, training, benefits and extra personnel.

Supply Chain Management

 Consumers today have the ability to shop with their fingertips across multiple outlets. Our experience with ecommerce, including major online retailers such as Amazon, will connect you to your customers.

Reduce overhead expenses.

How much time do your employees spend just ordering parts, managing inventory, balancing production schedules, and packaging and shipping product? By partnering with us, you eliminate all this overhead. We become are an extension of your workforce without the liability, oversight, and manufacturing inefficiencies.

Our savings are passed on to you.

Working with RiverStar opens you to our vast network of suppliers competing for your business, which can reduce part costs.

RiverStar is committed to quality.

We manufacture products in accordance with RiverStar-generated work instructions that meet our customers’ defined quality standards.

Total-Package Contract Manufacturing Solutions

    • Extensive supply-chain network
    • Purchasing and inventory management
    • Dedicated Program Manger
    • ISO 9001:2015 Certification
    • Warehousing and drop-shipping capabilities
    • Product Assembly
    • Flexible order fulfillment
    • Scalability to grow with you

Specializing In

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Robotics
  • Electronics

"RiverStar's assistance has been vital as a contract manufacturer that has allowed us to stay skinny and focused"

Consumer Product Manufacturing

With RiverStar’s consumer packaged goods (CPG) contract manufacturing program, we become your factory or an extension of your manufacturing processes. We can build your products to exact specifications using suppliers you’ve already identified, or we can look for alternative options to lower cost and lead times. Our CPG contract manufacturing program doesn’t end once the product is built; we provide start-to-finish solutions that include packaging and distribution for your products to be sold online and shipped anywhere.

Sub-Assembly Contract Manufacturing

RiverStar builds your time consuming sub-assemblies and releases the orders to your production lines when you need them. You no longer need a team to manage parts for your sub-assemblies, conduct regular inventory audits and schedule time to build the assemblies. RiverStar helps relieve bottlenecks and part shortages.

What Our Customers Say!

“We could come to market quicker and not carry the overhead that we would have had to carry if we were doing our own manufacturing”