Product Fulfillment and Distribution Services

RiverStar is your fulfillment and distribution partner with expertise in ecommerce, direct-to-consumer, and retail.

Our distribution capabilities will expand your reach into any channel. Why limit yourself from accessing more of your customers? Contact us today!

Pick, Pack & Ship

Inventory and returns management

Climate controlled warehousing space

Drop-ship Capabilities

Local Delivery Options

Amazon/ecommerce fulfillment


Blind shipments

Pick, Pack & Ship

No need to worry about shipping your product to RiverStar in consumer-ready packaging. We will accept your bulk-pallet shipments and re-pack as needed because that is simply a more efficient way for our customers to operate.

System Integration

Our system is setup to automatically download your orders and process them for shipment. You will have visibility into what orders have shipped, and your customer will receive tracking notifications.


Complete inventory management will provide you with current stock levels and notify you once inventory dips below preset levels.


Ecommerce consumers today have the ability to shop with their fingertips across multiple outlets. Our experience with ecommerce, including major dotcom retailers such as Amazon, will connect you to your customers.