Promotional Product Kitting: A Trend that is Catching Consumer Interest

Connecting products to people has always been part of our core mission at RiverStar. Today businesses, corporations and marketing experts are embracing promotional product kitting as an effective way to connect with consumers, introduce new and existing products with a value-added approach, and ultimately expand their customer base.

Promotional product kitting combines new products or services with other components for an effective branding strategy. Can a T-shirt or water bottle brandishing your logo really sell your widgets? Yes, if it is packaged in a way that catches consumers’ attention and enables them to better perceive value. Some promotional product kits are highly creative. Others are more practical. But they all have one common goal – turning prospects into customers.

Promotional kitting can involve multiple items from multiple suppliers assembled into a kit that is packaged and delivered to existing and potential customers. RiverStar has been involved in kitting since 1995. We expect to increase our involvement in promotional product kitting as more and more firms utilize this effective marketing tool, and we’re ready. We have the space, the expertise and the capability to help promotional distributors and companies with all their kitting and assembly needs.


Hey, that's cool!

Kitting is a great option for targeting potential customers with product samples and for introducing new products. Combining related items in a way that adds value often entices consumers to give new products a try. Kits can also include instructional information and coupons.

Capturing customer attention with creative, unique kitting is a primary goal in promotional product kitting. Above all it has to be memorable. That’s where fun and creative come in. Functional can also be memorable.

Targeting a specific market is equally important. I know of a promotional product kit that was mailed to boys when they turned 18. The kit included a razor, two blades, a brochure and blade refill coupons. The packaging was clever and personalized. That is an example of something functional that also targets a specific consumer market in a fun way. It captures attention and new consumers.

Why choose a fulfillment center

Promotional product kitting can be done in house, or through a fulfillment center. A fulfillment center will handle almost everything, from sourcing packaging components, to assembly, to mailing the kitted products to a targeted list of recipients. Firms that choose to contract a fulfillment center to handle kitting will benefit from the center’s capacity and expansive resources. Utilizing promotional product kitting services at a fulfillment center offers three key advantages: space, time, and cost savings.

Space may be a limiting factor for many businesses or firms planning a promotional product kitting endeavor. You’ll need space to store the kit components, assemble the kit and the assembled kits. Fulfillment centers have space already dedicated to assembly and they have ample space for storing components and finished kits.

Time is another factor. Before the kit is assembled, you’ll need to source the various components to be included in the promotional kit. You then need to assemble and mail the kits to prospective customers. That all takes time.  A fulfilment center, such as RiverStar, has an experienced team of assemblers dedicated to the kitting process, so your team can spend their time developing client relationships and selling products and services, which ultimately results in more revenue for your business. Time is money.

Cost savings is perhaps the most compelling reason to choose a fulfillment center to handle your project. You’ll benefit from the convenience of shipping components from multiple suppliers directly to the center. You’ll also benefit from the center’s ability to handle procuring any and all packaging – often at lower rates. They also secure the lowest shipping rates for your promotional kit due to high shipping volume.


Choosing the right center to handle your kitting

When selecting a fulfillment center for your promotional product kitting, it is important to consider the following:

  • Is the facility clean, climate-controlled and well-maintained? A clean, climate-controlled facility ensures your promotional product kitting will arrive at its destination in the highest state of quality. Avoid an unclean warehouse that might result in a substandard quality of the finished kit.
  • Does the center have a record of inventory and quality accuracy and on-time delivery? Best practices include daily cycle counts and audits. RiverStar is audited three or four times a year without issue. We also track quality assurance and on-time delivery on our vendor scorecard.
  • Where is the center located? A central location reduces shipping costs, while enabling you to reach a high volume of prospects.

Additional fulfillment center capabilities to consider when choosing a center to handle your promotional product kitting are the center’s ability to remain completely blind to the end user, as well as  its flexibility to handle hot rush orders and provide quick turn around on quotes.

What's Next?

You’ve selected a fulfillment center to handle your promotional product kitting. What’s next?

Once you’ve selected a center to handle your kitting, you’ll need to specify the contents of the kit, delivery locations, content packaging needs and the in-hand date. We typically provide a quote in 24 hours or less. When the quote is accepted, we determine lead times on all the promotional items and procure packaging. Once we receive all the components of your promotional product kit, it is assembled and shipped, with tracking capabilities once it leaves our facility. To ensure success for the distributors we serve, we provide a spreadsheet for them to complete, listing contents, ship-to addresses, shipping method and any special notes about the shipment. We’re in business to make the distributor look good and always pay special attention to their needs.

Why Choose RiverStar?

When you choose RiverStar to handle your promotional product kitting, you receive quality, efficient service from experienced professionals. We’ll process your kitting from our spacious, clean facility and remain completely blind to the end user. We offer competitive promotional-specific quotes and special coded pricing on your kitting. Our central location in Winona, Minnesota, enables quick, cost effective delivery throughout the U.S.

Promotional Product Kitting. What is Product Kitting?  Connecting Products To People
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Promotional Product Kitting. What is Product Kitting? Connecting Products To People
Today businesses, corporations and marketing experts are embracing promotional product kitting as an effective way to connect with consumers.
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